Josh Fest was started in 2004 as a festival, scholarship fundraiser, and memorial for Joshua Johnson.

About Crohn's Disease:

Information about Crohn's Disease can be found HERE at the National Digestional Diseases Information Clearinghouse.

About the Joshua Johnson Scholarship Fund:

The Joshua Johnson Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Joshua Johnson, who passed away in 1999. Many scholarships are awarded each year to graduating seniors of H.M. King High School, in Kingsville, TX. Over $60,000 have been raised for scholarships for more than 50 graduating seniors since 1999.

Josh Fest Outreach:

Josh Fest has not only reached out to graduating seniors of H.M King High School, but it has positively touched friends, families, and folks all over the world. Josh's sister, Kayla, participated in missionary work in Romania, and was able to distribute Josh Fest t-shirts to orphans.



Josh Fest cheer has also been spread as far as Japan and China:


Kayla, Kendra, and Kenneth Johnson were able to spread Josh Fest cheer to Ghana, Africa in 2008:

About the Josh Fest Logo:

The Official Josh Fest Logo was created in 2004 by Jose Luis Gonzales, a student of H.M King High School and member of the Church of Christ in Kingsville. His artwork was selected in a contest sponsored by the school's art department. The Josh Fest Logo is an officially copyrighted symbol of Josh Fest.


About the J-Squared Logo:

The J-Squared Logo means "J squared" as in "Josh Johnson" "JJ". The logo was created by Josh's childhood friend, Paul Hayes, who matted the logo on a green background, and created bumper stickers in memory of Josh.